Share The Magic of Reading!

Magic Love

While most young children love books, it can be a struggle for them to gain confidence and fluency as independent readers. Having a trusted caregiver to assist them with the mechanics of reading is essential, but parents and teachers aren’t the only ones who can help. Here are 3 other types of book buddies who can share the magic of reading with your child. Who would you add to the list?

  1. Family Pets – Snuggling up with the dog is a great way for young children to practice their reading. Not only does it give the child the chance to practice the familiar loving act of a caregiver, stroking that fur coat can provide some gentle and calming sensory feedback. It can be just enough to help a frustrated little one relax and focus. And an extra bonus? The dog can’t interrupt with corrections or rush in to help sound out a word. The child gets the full satisfaction of “I did it myself!
  2. Long Distance Relatives – Developing a relationship with long-distance relatives can be hard for the whole family. Reading together is a great activity to promote communication and create shared memories that doesn’t require everyone to be in the same physical space. Whether it’s a weekly “story time” with Grandma or a “book club” with cousins, sharing this experience together will make reading time more special, and give everyone more incentive to read!
  3. Favorite Toys – Whether its the lovey they’ve slept with since they were born or a  model of the latest superhero, our children’s bonds with these favorite toys are very real. Young children practice life skills through role-play, and “reading with friends” can open up new adventures even with the books your little ones have memorized. And, just as with pets, no interruptions or corrections will get in the way of the child’s pride in getting the job done!

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