Top 10 Books: Family

While I’ve always been a huge reader, it wasn’t until I had my daughter that I realized the importance of reading in creating memories and bonding as a family. Although it was also true that while other moms-to-be carefully planned out their going-home outfits I was busy making our “first books to read together” list, and the library was our first outing as a family that wasn’t going to the pediatrician.

Since reading is such a big part of our experience as a family, finding books that portray the kind of family relationships we hope to encourage is obviously important to me. So I put together this quick top 10 list that includes some of my favorite Usborne and Kane Miller books about family.

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  1. The New Baby – Whether your family is getting a new addition or not, this Usborne First Experience book explains with gentleness and humor some of the changes that a new baby brings to the life of the family. Its focus on taking care and expressing love for one another makes it a great choice for reading together with all young children.
  2. Babies Come From Airports – Learning to celebrate differences and that families are created in all kinds of ways are the twin messages of this book.  This fabulous book showcases adoption and establishing loving relationships of all kinds.
  3. Pink Lion – A book about belonging and being true to yourself with the support of your family and friends.
  4. Love You Hoo – A touching story book about how we show love to our families every day.
  5. Cuddle Bear – Because everyone loves to snuggle together with a good book!
  6. The Children Who Loved Books – Books bring people together. A story book about how this happens in one family.
  7. Here in the Garden – This is a book about change. A lovely book to help children cope with feelings related to changing family and other social relationships.
  8. Luna Loves Library Day – Sometimes our families are made up of people who live in different places. That means they can all  be special in their own ways!
  9. Anne of Green Gables – This beautifully illustrated picture book is for those who can’t wait for their little ones to be ready to read about Anne’s adventures as she finds her family and home.
  10. Little Women – Containing the complete text of the classic novel, this illustrated novel makes it extra-special to read this beloved story about family together.

Which book is the best fit for your family?

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